Let Your POWER Out

The Road helps people find love, joy, and peace within themselves, their relationships, and in their spiritual lives by providing the right tools to overcome emotional damage from the past and/or present, as well as face the challenges of life in the future.

About Us

The Road is all about changing lives through encouragement, equipping, and empowerment so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Our weekend experiences provide life-changing guidance for those looking to improve their lives in any of these areas:

  • To maintain healthier marriage relationships…
  • To understand more about your life purpose…
  • To get rid of the guilt of past mistakes…
  • To know how to deal with anger in a healthy way…
  • To break the cycle of bad habits in your life…
  • To heal from past hurts…
  • Understand more about healthy boundaries…
  • To get rid of the shame others have placed on you…
  • To get through loss, whether it be of a loved one, a marriage, a dream, a job, or innocence…
  • To develop a healthy dating relationship before you commit yourselves to marriage…

The great news is that if you are looking for more confidence, better relationships, healing from past hurts, and freedom from baggage of the past, The Road is just the place for you. If you are 18 years or older, everyone and anyone is welcome.

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1701 N Greenville Ave., Suite 1113, Richardson, TX 75081 ... Tap on the map once to enable zooming.
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